Perform this Self-Assessment before your lease ends to identify potential excess wear and use. Doing so will give you an estimate of charges you may incur at lease-end. Then make any repairs you deem necessary before your contract maturity date.

  • Set aside 5-10 minutes to complete
  • Measure potential excess wear and use with the Wear & Use Estimation Tool (downloadable here and found inside the Lease-End Kit mailed four months before your contract maturity date)

Please select your model so we can provide the most accurate estimates of potential excess wear and use charges.


(Estimate cannot be calculated without specifying vehicle.)

Self-Assessment provides estimate only and is not binding. Final wear and use charges will be determined through a formal inspection performed at your Kia dealer after vehicle turn-in. Estimates do not reflect state sales tax.

Lease-End To-Do List

A list of actions that will get you to contract maturity date without a hitch. The best way to keep track of and complete your lease-end. A helpful list of actions to take before turning in your vehicle.

Odometer Disclosure Statement

All lessees must submit this record of a vehicle's lease-end mileage.